Selected Publications


Climate Change as Chronic Crisis in Ben Lerner’s 10:04 (Resilience: A Journal of the Environmental Humanities)


Amitav Ghosh on Literature and Climate Coincidence (Orion)

Philip Roth’s Last Peach (The Los Angeles Review of Books)

A $50,000-a-night Hotel Room Shows How Oblivious We Are to Climate Change (Slate)

Vegetables and Wisdom (Orion–Print Only)

Visiting Elizabeth Bishop’s Maine (The Los Angeles Review of Books)

Cooking With Hemingway (The Millions)

How to Talk about Climate Change, Part 1: The Blame Game (Salon, Full Stop)

— Part 2: Uncertainty, Present and Future (Full Stop)

— Part 3: Who’s Doing the Talking? (Full Stop)

Climate Changed (The New Inquiry)

We Are Frankenstorm (Full Stop)

Identity Disorder: Authorship and Women Writers (Full Stop)


Summer of Love (The Literary Review)


Survival Tips: On Jenny Offill’s Weather (The Los Angeles Review of Books)

Sheeps and Dogs: On Far from the Madding Crowd (The Los Angeles Review of Books)

The Dig – Cynan Jones (Full Stop)

A Spoonful of Soil: Review of Kristin Ohlson’s The Soil Will Save Us (The Los Angeles Review of Books)

News from Nowhere: Review of Laura van den Berg’s The Isle of Youth (The New Inquiry)

Someone – Alice McDermott (Full Stop)

The Son – Philipp Meyer (Full Stop)

NW – Zadie Smith (Full Stop)