Selected Clips


Vegetables and Wisdom (Orion)

Visiting Elizabeth Bishop’s Maine (The Los Angeles Review of Books)

Cooking With Hemingway (The Millions)

How to Talk about Climate Change, Part 1: The Blame Game (Salon, Full Stop)

— Part 2: Uncertainty, Present and Future (Full Stop)

— Part 3: Who’s Doing the Talking? (Full Stop)

Climate Changed (The New Inquiry)

A Few Indignant Words for the Professor (Full Stop)

Identity Disorder: Authorship and Women Writers (Full Stop)


Sheeps and Dogs: On Far from the Madding Crowd (The Los Angeles Review of Books)

The Dig – Cynan Jones (Full Stop)

A Spoonful of Soil: Review of Kristin Ohlson’s The Soil Will Save Us (The Los Angeles Review of Books)

News from Nowhere: Review of Laura van den Berg’s The Isle of Youth (The New Inquiry)

Someone – Alice McDermott (Full Stop)

The Son – Philipp Meyer (Full Stop)

NW – Zadie Smith (Full Stop)